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From Vector to Zoonotic: A Glossary For Infectious Diseases

NPR February 14, 2017

Your Personality Changes When You Move to a New Place [PDF]

New York Magazine February 6, 2017

Study: African Farmers Have A Surprise Economic Weapon—Trees

NPR February 3, 2017

‘Hyena Man’ Had Sex With 100 Girls and Women, Gets 2-Year Sentence

NPR November 23, 2017

Make America Scientific Again! [PDF]

Scientific American October 17, 2016

Some Singers Sing About Love. He Sings About…Hand-washing

NPR October 14, 2016

Why A Really Big Fish Isn’t Always Good For Business

NPR October 4, 2016

Once Opposed to Maternal Health, Islamic Scholars Become Champions

NPR September 21, 2016

Skipping Meals, Joining Gangs, How Teens Cope Without Enough Food At Home

NPR September 15, 2016

There’s nothing you can do to make yourself the favorite child [PDF]

New York Magazine September 8, 2016

At this experimental culinary event, the cutlery is high art

NPR August 18, 2016

With No Insanity Defense, Seriously Ill People End Up In Prison

NPR August 5, 2016

Does A Psychopath Who Kills Get To Use The Insanity Defense?

NPR August 3, 2016

QUIZ: What Were Restaurants Like 100 Years Ago?

NPR August 3, 2016

Guilty But Mentally Ill Doesn’t Protect Against Harsh Sentences

NPR August 2, 2016

Malawi’s ‘Hyena’ Men: Paid By Parents To Have Sex With Their Daughters

NPR July 29, 2016

After Hinckley, States Tightened Use Of The Insanity Plea

NPR July 28, 2016

Oyster Archaeology: Ancient Trash Holds Clues To Sustainable Harvesting

NPR July 28, 2016

As Opioid Epidemic Surges, Medical Schools Try To Keep Pace

NPR July 27, 2016

QUIZ: How Much Do You Know About Presidents And Food?

NPR July 27, 2016

Swaziland’s Secret Weapon Against Child Abuse: Grandmothers

NPR July 26, 2016

Problems After Using Hair Conditioner Prompt An FDA Warning

NPR July 25, 2016

Scraped, Splattered — But Silent No More. Finally, The Dinner Plate Gets Its Say

NPR July 22, 2016

The Smoggy Seas: Cargo Ships Bring Pollution, Health Risks

July 19, 2016

QUIZ: How Much Do You Know About French Food?

NPR July 14, 2016

Report: Hotline In Pakistan Helped Predict Surges In Dengue Fever Outbreak

NPR July 11, 2016

QUIZ: What Does Food Symbolize In Art? Test Your Knowledge.

NPR July 7, 2016

What Did Nearsighted Humans Do Before Glasses?

NPR July 7, 2016

Why Does Every New Restaurant Look Like A Factory?

NPR June 29, 2016

Nothing Says ‘Hip’ Like Ancient Wheat

NPR June 27, 2016

Asthma-Free With No Hay Fever? Thank Your Older Sibling.

NPR June 22, 2016

Are Millennials Chocolate Chip-o-crites?

NPR June 20, 2016

Why Are Health Studies So White?

The Atlantic June 16, 2016

Summer Camps Say They’re Not Sweating Over Zika Risk

NPR June 16, 2016

Millennials May Be Losing Their Grip

NPR June 13, 2016; also featured on Late Show with Colbert

Celery: Why?

NPR June 13, 2016; fourth most viewed story on that day, top of

What kind of voter is most susceptible when pols pile it high and deep? [PDF]

Scientific American May 13, 2016

Why Trump and Clinton voters won’t switch [PDF]

Scientific American May 3, 2016

Bemoaning political attacks won’t fix the problem [PDF]

Scientific American April 7

“The Blend,” a Meat-Mushroom Amalgam, Hits Restaurants and School Cafeterias [PDF]

Scientific American April 1; in April 2016 print issue

San Jose dogs, owners join DNA studies to help find cures [PDF]

San Jose Mercury News March 21; front page centerpiece

Gene explains why some are sleepy and sad [PDF]

San Jose Mercury News March 10; front page

The Science of President Trump [PDF]

Scientific American March 9

Right hand bias is everywhere [PDF]

The Atlantic March 8

High winds will hit Bay Area along with storms this weekend [PDF]

San Jose Mercury News March 4

I have ‘mat herpes,’ Sunnyvale wrestler warns, calling for delay of California high school championship  [PDF]

San Jose Mercury News March 2; also in other Bay Area News Group papers; front page, top 100 sports stories shared nationally that day

Will El Nino’s punch return in March? [PDF]

San Jose Mercury News February 29; also in other Bay Area News Group papers

California biologists shoot scores of bully owls to protect spotted owls [PDF]

San Jose Mercury News February 27; also in other Bay Area News Group papers; Sunday front page centerpiece

Picked up by Christian Science Monitor, MicroCap Magazine, and Northern California News

Presidential candidates give voters big choices on energy plans [PDF]

Scientific American February 25

Jellyfish app reveals secrets of tentacled tenants [PDF]

San Jose Mercury News February 23; also in other Bay Area News Group papers; front page centerpiece

Charon makes its debut [PDF]

NASA Visualization Explorer February 23

Green bonds grow in California [PDF]

San Jose Mercury News February 15; also in other Bay Area News Group papers

California: Gas under $2 in Bay Area, still closer to $3 in Los Angeles [PDF]

San Jose Mercury News February 11; also in other Bay Area News Group papers

Human shoulders evolved to throw, some better than others [PDF]

San Jose Mercury News February 4; also in other Bay Area News Group papers

Interest in bats takes wing on Monterey Peninsula [PDF]

San Jose Mercury News January 27; also in the Monterey Herald on December 24, 2015 (see below) and Santa Cruz Sentinel. Pacific Grove students hear what bats have to say [PDF]

Powerball: That fever you’re feeling has a name: dopamine [PDF]

San Jose Mercury News: January 9, 2016; front page above the fold

Reprinted in The Bulletin, Santa Cruz SentinelColumbus Dispatch

El Niño: Fast-moving storms cause drama, but no Bay Area flooding [PDF]

The San Jose Mercury News: January 6, 2016; front page above the fold

Peppermint’s wintry chill explained by science [PDF]

The Salinas Californian: December 22, 2015

A natural experiment: City in pristine Amazon shows pollution alters ecosystem [PDF]

American Geophysical Union GeoSpace blog: December 18, 2015

Plankton reveal new secrets about ancient CO2 levels [PDF] December 16, 2015

Restoring white Arctic will fall to future generations who never knew it [PDF]

American Geophysical Union GeoSpace blog: December 15, 2015

Making furniture from fungi [PDF]

Scientific American Guest Blog: December 15, 2015

For consumers, greatest gift may be anticipation [PDF]

The Salinas Californian: December 11, 2015; also in print

The psychology of the picky eater [PDF]

The Atlantic: December 7, 2015

Are you strong enough to laugh at this joke? [PDF]

Science Scienceshot: December 2, 2015

Project rebuilds Elkhorn Slough salt marshes [PDF]

The Salinas Californian: November 26, 2015; printed as sidebar front page

Wetlands clean water the natural way [PDF]

The Salinas Californian: November 26, 2015; printed front page

Many turn to heritage bird for authentic Thanksgiving [PDF]

The Salinas Californian: November 23, 2015; printed front page above the fold

Ocean protections drift behind those on land, but science can help [PDF]

Mongabay: November 20, 2015

How to Grow a Jellyfish [PDF]

Scientific American Guest Blog: November 18, 2015

Crabbing ban challenges coastal restaurants  [PDF]

The Salinas Californian: November 19, 2015

Cannabis is coming to Salinas [PDF]

The Salinas Californian: November 13, 2015; printed front page above the fold

Orchids of the future grow in Salinas [PDF]

The Salinas Californian: November 14, 2015; also printed

California bats get public housing [PDF]

The Salinas Californian: November 5, 2015; also printed

National parks in peril call for help [PDF]

Visalia Times-Delta and The Salinas Californian: November 4, 2015

More votes to be counted [PDF]

The Salinas Californian: November 4, 2015; printed front page above the fold

Two keep seats on high school board [PDF] (abridged version)

The Salinas Californian: November 3, 2015; printed front page

Hartnell: Osorio, Serena, Freeman win [PDF] (abridged version)

The Salinas Californian: November 3, 2015; also printed

Researchers track parched farmland from space [PDF]

The Salinas Californian: October 27, 2015, printed front page above the fold

Race to abate arundo in Salinas River is slow-paced [PDF]

The Salinas Californian: October 23, 2015, printed front page above the fold

Key Salinas River stakeholder: steelhead trout [PDF]

The Salinas Californian: October 23, 2015, also printed

20 salad workers hospitalized in chemical spill [PDF]

The Salinas Californian: October 19, 2015

Salinas student works to phase out pesticides [PDF]

The Salinas Californian: October 19, 2015, also printed

Reprinted in El Sol: October 24, 2015

Recycled water protects pumpkin yield [PDF]

The Salinas Californian: October 16, 2015, printed front page above the fold

NASW Awards Reception [PDF]

Covered awards reception as National Association of Science Writers student fellow

Scientists create GMOs to fight E. coli [PDF]

The Salinas Californian: September 30, 2015, printed front page above the fold

Bao Bao is the big ticket, but what about the salamander next door? [PDF]

The Washington Post: January 31, 2014, printed in the Sunday issue